Accelerated Recovery: A Photobiomodulation Case Study:
John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM”

“For over 30 years, I relied on pushing myself to increase my energy levels by spending it. I would work harder, stay stimulated, and consume, even, “healthy” food and beverages to keep going. However, I started experiencing constant tiredness, exhaustion and at times fatigue and struggled to maintain the energy I needed to succeed during the day.

Over time, my body began to wear down, with inflammation and pain becoming more frequent and severe.”

Exacerbated by a fall on black ice that left JAM in even greater pain, at around 48 or 49 years old, he reached a peak of chronic pain and realized that something needed to change.

He went on a search for a solution and tried various treatments, including physical therapy. In his words he was “twisted, prodded, dry-needled, adjusted, thera-gunned, acupunctured and decompressed” all of which had some benefit, but nothing provided significant or sustained relief.

It wasn’t until he used a class 4 therapeutic laser that applied red light deep into his tissues, resulting in both an analgesic (pain blunting) and regenerative effect in the tissue, that he experienced sustained relief, and other modalities could provide enhancing benefits. This discovery led him to explore whole body light therapy, also known as photo bio modulation therapy (PBMt) as he simply couldn’t blame his pain on “compressed discs,” or “pinched nerves” anymore. He needed to resolve the core issues.

JAM came to realize that his lack of quality sleep and excessive energy expenditure as an entrepreneur were the primary contributors to his rapidly declining health and performance; both leading to spasms and disfunction from neuropathy to mood swings to suboptimal habits despite knowing better.

However, once he began changing, improving, and optimizing his lifestyle, starting with whole body light therapy to recharge, he not only reduced and eventually eliminated his pain, but also recaptured the energy, the zest, and the zeal he used to feel.

“Every time I did PBMt, I felt like a had hours more energy each day. “

As you can see below, the before and after results were extraordinary, just simply by getting deliberate about recovery, starting with photobiomodulation.

JAM literally changed his body with light!

Before PBM After PBM

JAM had chronic pain JAM reduced and eliminated is back pain.
JAM had no means to recharge other than take a nap that could potentially leave me groggy. JAM combined a 15-minute nap with PBM to accelerate recovery and regain hours of power
JAM typically languished in the second half of the day JAM experienced his afternoons, like his mornings, much stronger.
JAM ate more food. JAM ate less and better food.
JAM was less physically active after work. JAM was able to be more physical before and after work…

From the time JAM was in the hospital, within 36 months he participated in his first 7-mile spartan run.

That’s JAM on the left.

Impressed by his own transformation, and being the natural entrepreneur that he is, he decided to start a recovery facility called REGENUS CENTER, where he shared his newly discovered PBM beds with others seeking pain relief, reduced inflammation, and increased energy. And over the past six years, running this facility, he’s witnessed firsthand how whole-body light therapy has dramatically improved the lives of hundreds of clients. Business owners and professionals like JAM with fatigue, people with injury, burns, and chronic conditions along with students and athletes (also with intense demands on their time and energy) starting using the center, that was “Regenerating Us”.

In addition to running the Regenus Center, JAM started consulting with patient practice owners, business owners, and C-suite executives to install REGENUS CENTERs on-site; a simplified one-room version of his retail center.

These centers provide a PBM bed and a fully constructed room, making the equipment easily accessible to individuals, and client populations of various kinds who need accelerated recovery with a PBMt bed close to their source of stress.

JAM’s company began providing advanced PBM Beds for home use, wellness centers, training, health, and medical facilities.

A photo bio modulation bed enhances cellular energy production, recharges cells, and promotes the production of ATP, which helps regenerate the body.

Unlike stimulants that deplete the body’s energy, this therapy stimulates the body to produce more energy and the difference is crucial for longevity, anti-aging, and high-performance lifestyles.

By deliberately accelerating recovery through whole body light therapy, the primary recovery technology before all others; individuals can transform their lives and potentially add years or even decades to their lifespan.

It allows the body to function more optimally with the vital energy levels required, reducing coping mechanisms like stimulants. It also provides freedom from constant tiredness, exhaustion, or fatigue and speeds up the healing process if you use it regularly over a period of time.

Healthy, high achieving people don’t look to stop, either; like JAM, they see it as a supplement to their lifestyle.

In today’s performance-driven culture, simply relying on sleep may not be sufficient for individuals who are highly motivated and achievement-oriented.

Without intentional energy recovery practices, like using PBM, people may experience premature mental and physical exhaustion, putting them at risk of slowing the regenerative processes of the body and burning out.
So, It’s important to address this hidden cause of many diseases, as it leads to coping mechanisms that only create more stress and fatigue, amplified by poor lifestyle habits.

To change the pattern, individuals can start supplementing their sleep and “Biohack” their energy production. By doing so, they can transform their overall energy levels and.
add three to five more high-performance hours to their day, leading to improved work productivity and quality of life.

To learn more, schedule a consultation with JAM, and discover how incorporating photobiomodulation in your personal routine, wellness practice, training or medical clinic, will accelerate the recovery of the people you serve.
JAM will be more than happy to share with you where you can experience photobiomodulation, explain how you can develop a deliberate recovery strategy for your own life and your clients.
And once you are on board, JAM can take the role of a business coach and guide you with all that you need to know to purchase an advanced rejuvenation and recovery chamber of your own and get it operational in a personal and or professional capacity.
Deliberate recovery, using photobiomodulation as a supplement, is the crux, that’s giving rise to a new lifestyle—the Performance Lifestyle.